Change your name on your US Passport
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November 16, 2020

Change your name on your US Passport

So you’ve finished the name change process, and you are wondering how to get a new passport. Helping you update your existing passport or register for a new passport is one of the many great values that Colorado Name Change offers. Depending on your situation, the passport process will vary, but you will ultimately fill out one of three forms. Our website will have you complete an interview that will automatically fill in the forms for you. This blog post will explore each of the three passport forms and help you choose the correct passport form.

DS 11

You will use the DS11 passport form when you are a new passport applicant, if you have updated your gender, or if you do not qualify for the two discussed below. For all applicants above the age of 16, the passport will be valid for ten years from the date of issue, except where limited by the Secretary of State to a shorter period.

The cost of obtaining your DS11 passport will vary depending on your age, and whether you choose to get the book only, card only, or the book and card. The passport book allows you to travel internationally across air, sea, and land. Unlike the book, the card allows for only re-entry into the U.S. at land borders or seaports of entry from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

To complete this process, we recommend that you go to your nearest passport acceptance facility.

DS 82

Most people who are seeking to update their name on their passport will need to use this passport renewal form. Along with the form, you will need to submit certified documentation that reflects your name change. The completion of this form will renew your passport. Like the DS-11 form, the cost of this form will vary, depending on whether you are renewing a passport book or card.

To complete this process, you can mail in your application with a check.

DS 5504

You will use the DS5504 passport form when (a) you have changed your name less than one year since your passport was issued; (b) if your identifying information in your most recent passport was printed incorrectly; or (c) if your passport was limited to two years or less for a reason other than losing your passport multiple times or having a seriously damaged passport.

To complete this process, you can mail in your application with a check.

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