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Changing Your Name In Colorado

Name Change Petitions

The state of Colorado has several different petitions to change your name.

Each of these petitions have more than one legal form that must be filled out and submitted to the court.  This process can be difficult.  It is not always clear what forms need to be filled out.

That is where Colorado Name Change comes in.  Our site is created to help walk Coloradans through the name change process using guided interviews.  At the end of the process the site creates complete legal documents that you file with the courts.  We will guide you fully through the process from the start to finish.
  • Adult under the age of 70
  • Adult over the age of 70
  • Name restoration following a divorce
  • Minor under the age of 18
  • Name change for adults or minors that have committed a felony

There are other forms that need to be filled out to update the applicant’s name.

These forms are also important to the process. But they cannot be updated until the main name change petition itself has been completed with the courts.

We can also help update your gender on these forms if needed. Anyone can update the gender on their Colorado driver’s license and birth certificate. Federal documents are tougher. But we can also help you update these if you have completed or are getting treatment to transition from one gender to another.

Colorado Birth Certificate Update

Colorado Driver’s License Update
Social Security Card Update
US Passport Update