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SSN Application Filing Info

SSN Application Filing Info

The second document we want to file is the Social Security Card Update Form.
  • Go ahead and print the PDF document for your Social Security Card Update Form if you have not already.

    This form needs to be signed in section 17. You will also need to write the three needed social security numbers on it prior to filing (sections 2, 9, and 10).
If you are changing your gender marker, the packet should also include a medical letter. You will need to take this letter with you when you go to the social security office.

Please make sure your doctor has signed the medical letter before you take it in. They can sign the letter we created. Or they can use the same words and print them on paper with their logo if they prefer. If they want to create their own letter we recommend they use the same words.
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Process Steps

File the form at a social security office
The easiest way to file this form is to take it into the nearest social security office. You can find the closest social security office here by entering your zip code. If you are changing your gender, please make sure you also bring your signed medical letter with you.
When you go to the social security office please make sure you bring:
  • Certified copy of your final name change court order
  • A copy of your driver’s license, state ID, or US passport
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