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Birth Certificate Filing

Birth Certificate Filing Information

The first document we want to file is the Colorado Birth Certificate update form.
  • Go ahead and print the PDF document for your Colorado Birth Certificate update form if you have not already.

    This form does not need to be signed unless you are paying by credit card.
If you are changing your gender marker, the packet should also include the Colorado Sex Designation Form and a signed letter. You will need to include both when you mail your packet in.

If you just printed the Colorado Sex Designation Form now, please make sure it is signed and filled out correctly.
  • If the gender change is for an adult over 18 – please do not sign the Sex Designation Form after its printed! You will need to sign section A of the form in front of a notary.
  • If the gender change is for a minor child under 18 - a doctor or mental health provider will need to fill out section B confirming they no longer identify with their birth gender. No medical treatment is required for this.

    For minors under 18 section A does not need to be filled out. Please leave this part of the form blank.
The letter will also need to be signed. For adult name changes, the person should sign it for themselves. For minor name changes under 18, a parent or legal guardian should sign it for them.
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Process Steps

How to pay for the update

The form has information on it for submitting your payment. Please look at the Grand Total line in the Services and Fees section to see how much is due.

You can then fill in your credit card information if you want to make a credit card payment. Or write a personal check out to Vital Records for the total amount due.

Please mail your form in

This form will need to be mailed in.
Please include:
  • Certified copy of your final name change court order
  • A copy of your driver’s license, state ID, or US passport
  • Colorado Sex Designation Form (if you are changing your gender)
  • Gender Update Letter (if you are changing your gender)
Please mail these documents to:
Vital Records
Birth Unit
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530