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Publicize Your Name Change

Publicize Your Name Change

Most of the time you will be required by the court to publicize the applicant’s name change.

The name change publication needs to be in a newspaper that is published in your county. The name change notification needs to be published at least three times within twenty-one days of the court order. Evidence of the publication will need to be provided to the court to receive the final decree for the applicant’s name change.

The publishing newspaper can help you with the formatting on the notification and let you know the cost for running it. In some counties you will be required to pay for running the notifications. In others they court may pay to run them. Please ask the court clerk if you are unsure about this process.
  • What if the applicant requested an exemption from publication?
  • If you requested an exemption from having to publicize the applicant’s name change you may not have to complete this step. The court will let you know if this is necessary at your hearing. If you are unsure please ask the judge or the clerk of court.

    People changing their name from the transgender community by law do not have to publicize their name change. Individuals that fear harm from publishing their name change can also request to be exempted.