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Create Name Change Letters
for Other Organizations

Name Change Letters
for Other Organizations

This is an optional step in the Colorado Name Change process. But it can be helpful if you want to generate name change letters for any other companies and organizations.

Many companies and organizations will allow you to change your name while signed into their website or by talking with a representative. Some of them will want to see evidence that your name has changed. So, this step will not be able to be finalized until your name change is complete with the court.

There are some companies that may require you to send your name change request to them in writing. This is where our name change letter tool can come in handy. You can use it to generate name change letters for these and other companies and organizations as needed.

Below are examples of some companies and organizations you may want to change your name with.  Even if you do not use our name change letter tool, we recommend creating a complete list of companies and organizations to reach out to later in the process.
  • Employers
  • Colleges / Universities
  • Banks / credit card companies
  • Mortgage company / landlord
  • Utility / power companies
  • Phone company
  • US Postal Service
  • Any other companies or providers you have an account with

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Skip this step

You can skip this form if you do not want to have us create any name change letters for you.

These companies and organizations will still need to be contacted later in the process. Many of them will be able to be changed through their website or by phone. If you run into one that requires a letter to be sent you can return to this page anytime to generate them.

Create Name Change Letters for Other Organizations

You can use our name change letter creation tool to create letters for organizations and companies.  These letters can be mailed to them to put your name change request in writing.  You will want to mail these in with a copy of your final name change order once your case is complete.

We recommend creating letters for companies and organizations that may not let you change your name online or by phone.  Banks, mortgage companies, utilities, and other financial institutions often fall in this category.  If you miss one you can always come back to create a letter for them later.

To use this interview, you will want to have the following information available for every company and organization you are generating a letter for.

- The company or organization’s name
- The company or organization’s address
- An account or reference number (if you have one)
- The name of the person or agent you are sending the letter to (if you have one)

The interview will let you create letters for as many companies and organizations as needed. Just give us the above information for them and we will do the rest!

When the interview is completed you can download and print the letters. Please make sure you sign each of them.

You can put these to the side for now. You will be able to mail them later when your name change case is complete with the court.