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File Your Petition

File Your Petition

Now you should be ready to file your petition. We will help you find the contact information for the court you need to file with.

Please check the filing court listed on the top of your name change petition forms. It should list a name for your filing court. The form will also show if you are filing in county or district court. Both are important to note for this step!

The web pages linked below will show you the contact information for all the county and circuit courts in the state of Colorado. Please find your county and listed court from these pages. The court locations are listed at the bottom of the county or district page.

Please note - Right now some courts are open for people to walk in and file. Some are not.
When you contact your filing court please ask them how you can file your petition with the shutdown ongoing in many areas. Some may ask you to mail it in or file it electronically. Unfortunately, things are a little abnormal in some areas right now.

Find Colorado County Courts
Find Colorado District Courts
We recommend contacting your filing court before visiting them in person:
  • Check with them to verify your total filing fee and find out what methods of payment they accept
  • Check with them to make sure they are open and determine what days and hours you can come into file
  • Make sure you do not need to set an appointment with them for a specific time
  • Get instructions from them on where they are in the courthouse (specific room, floor, etc.…)
Visit your filing court to file your name change petition packet and filing fee waiver form (if needed for the waiver)
Please make sure you do the following while at the court:
  • File your name change petition packet and filing fee waiver form (if needed for the waiver)

    Please note - If you filled out a filing fee waiver form please make sure copies of your support documents are included! You need to submit three months of bank statements and three months of income proof with it.
  • See if they need the two stamped / pre-addressed envelopes to mail final forms back
  • Ask the court clerk if they can make copies of the final signed documents if you would like to have them. This is not required, and some courts may charge a small fee for this service.
  • Ask the court clerk if your county requires a hearing for the case. Some counties require hearings and schedule them for you or have them at certain days and times.
Your county may not require a hearing. But this is an important next step in the process and your court clerk can help you understand what is required and when your hearing would be.

If you are filing a name change for a minor you can expect there to be a hearing with both parents or guardians in attendance. Or having confirmation that the second parent or guardian was notified of the change and gave consent or failed to respond. The county clerk can help clarify what is required for the hearing in these cases.